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Lush Life

Martha Glinski September 10 - October 2, 2005

The Henry Gregg Gallery, one of DUMBO’s premiere galleries, is proud to present the paintings of Martha Glinski, in an exhibition entitled “Lush Life.” Glinski, renowned for her many works on canvas reflecting the legends of Jazz – particularly of the Bebop era – include not only portraits (some in black and white) of Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, Lester Young, Mary Lou Williams and Billie Holiday, to name a few, but also lush paintings depicting the essential moods and scenes which jazz so magically invoke.

Not just for jazz lovers, this is a rare opportunity to experience this sometimes reclusive artist’s seldom seen masterpieces of a world she obviously has been intimately familiar with, and so clearly inspired by - from its source. Martha Glinski lives in New York City, by way of Boston, Massachusetts, and Paris, France.

She was invited to exhibit at the Palais de Congres in Paris while still in her early twenties, and decided to stay awhile, studying with Jose Charlet, a Master at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and one of France's premiere artists.

She has also presented her work for a Bill Cosby production at Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden, for movies and has produced music/art productions in clubs and theatre, in addition to countless exhibitions in Boston, New York and Paris.

Glinski's work has mostly been inspired by American Music, and the people who make the music. Her work is in collections around the world, celebrity and "regular" folks alike. She is currently a contributing artist at the JVC Jazz Festival.
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